US Supreme Court Denies President Trump’s Bid to End DACA

Today, the US Supreme Court ruled that the President’s reasoning for seeking to end the DACA program was “capricious,” agreeing with lower courts that the administration did not adequately explain why it sought to end the program. While this ruling effectively protects DACA recipients and allows the program to continue, the Supreme Court also sent the case back to the lower courts for further explanation from the administration as to the reason it wants to end the DACA program. However, that process can take a long time; but while it is ongoing, and unless and until the administration successfully proves its case to these courts, the DACA program remains in place. So, for now, if you are a DACA recipient or otherwise qualify to apply for DACA now, you can still file for DACA status and its benefits and protections. Please contact our office if you would like to file for DACA status. Our immigration attorneys in NYC are prepared to help.