Sharon Powell

International Law Consultant

Sharon Powell holds a BSc. in Management from the University of Technology (Jamaica) and worked extensively in this field before obtaining a Bachelor of Laws Degree with Honors from the University of London in 2008. Ms. Powell graduated from the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston, Jamaica where she was a member of the Criminal Law Review Committee and received the award for Conveyancing and Registration of Titles. She was admitted to the Jamaican Bar in 2010. While preparing for the Jamaican Bar, Ms. Powell tutored part time for the University of London’s Law Degree Program specializing in the Law of Trusts and the Law of the European Union. Before immigrating to the United States, Ms. Powell worked for a law firm specializing in UK immigration inclusive of visiting and settling in the UK, administrative appeals and applications for revocation of deportation orders. Ms. Powell specializes in employment-based permanent resident visas and Consular Processing.