Travel Update and Embassy Re-opening Update

US, Canada, and Mexico

The US, Canada and Mexico have all announced that they are extending their travel restrictions at land ports of entry for an additional 30 days to June 22, 2020. The restriction, which went into effect on March 22, was supposed to last for 60 days but could be extended.

Travel will continue to be limited to those who can demonstrate “essential travel”.

Re-opening of US Embassies and consular Posts to the public

Many, but not all, US embassies and Consular posts have been closed to the public since early March.  But there are signs that some posts may soon be opening.

The US Department of State has announced that each post will reopen on their own timeline based on the situation in the respective country, with approval being sought from the Department of State HQ in Washington, DC.

This means that there will not be one sweeping re-opening, but rather individual openings that can vary widely from country to country and even city to city. Travelers must check the websites of the specific post to see if they have made the decision to re-open and permit interviews to resume.

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