Small Changes to the Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Effective as of Sept 14, 2020, it will no longer be necessary for travelers arriving in the US from China, Hong Kong, Schengen-member countries, the UK, Iran or Brazil to enter the US at 15 designated airports in order to conduct COVID health screenings. These travelers may now arrive in the US at any usual port of entry. That is all that has changed.

This Notification does not lift or change the country-specific COVID travel bans for the countries named above, the immigrant visa travel ban (Presidential Proclamation 10014), or the nonimmigrant visa travel ban (Presidential Proclamation 10052). The Notification simply relates to health screenings at designated U.S. airports.

CBP has confirmed that the travel bans remain in place and travelers affected will still be required to obtain a National Interest Exemption (NIE) to travel to the United States.