Types of Clients

Our firm represents a broad range of clients both individually and corporately. We have a large following among major athletes and entertainers and have represented many Olympic, professional and other world-class athletes and coaches in such varied sports as Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Karate and Squash. We have also filed many successful visa applications for musicians, artists and entertainers ranging from classical violinists and harpists to ceramic artists and graphic designers.

Our firm can also assist graduating college students with their first work visa (H-1b) or visitors who want to extend their tourist visas for an additional period of time (B-1/B-2).

We represent companies in a variety of industries. Some examples are: computer consulting companies needing systems analysts or other IT workers; jewelry companies needing marketing mangers or designers; major medical and mental health care organizations needing social workers, psychologists and other health care professionals, to name just a few.

Good communication between client and attorney is essential to a successful outcome. We encourage our clients to stay in regular contact with our staff throughout the visa process.


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