The Immigration Service Does Have a Heart

We were recently contacted by a Tibetan businessman and his family who had working visas that were about to expire when his little daughter was diagnosed with cancer. In their situation, the usual grounds for extensions did not apply. However, we decided to apply for a B-2 visa based on humanitarian grounds. In this situation it was an extraordinary request that is not generously granted by the INS (now CIS). However, we obtained letters from many members of their local community, from local politicians to local school children. As a result, our firm was not only successful in obtaining a visa that would allow the child to remain in the U.S. for the medical treatment she desperately needed, but we also convinced the CIS to approve extended visas for the rest of the family who could provide the love and support she needed.

  Age Doesn't Matter

A 15-year-old figure skater appeared to have all the credentials necessary to obtain a green card as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability (EB-1). However, because she was so young, the CIS has frequently taken the position that aliens of this tender age are too young to qualify in this category. However, careful preparation of her application resulted in an approval in less than 12 weeks.

  A Seamless Transition

Our firm was recently approached by a company that was about to hire a dozen computer engineers and programmers from another company. All these individuals were already on H-1b visas with the first company. Our client needed to have the sponsorship changed quickly and seamlessly so there would not be any gap in employment. Not only was our firm able to quickly and efficiently change the H-1b sponsors of all the employees, but we were also able to extend their authorized employment period without any interruption in their permission to work.


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