The firm of Akst & Akst is a full service American immigration law firm that was founded by George Akst. Our staff is comprised of professionals from such diverse countries as Colombia, Peru, Jamaica and the Ukraine. We have the ability to speak to our clients in Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, German, Greek, French or Spanish. Although located in New York City, we have corresponding counsel in most major cities of the world.

Our clients are located in all 50 states and over 100 countries. Our firm is recommended by the New York Consular offices of Norway and Colombia as well as being on the list of referred attorneys of the New York City Commission for the United Nations.

Maneuvering through the legal system offers many challenges and requires a great deal of cooperation and communication between attorney and client. We believe that each case is unique and poses its own particular set of challenges. We develop individualized strategies for each client’s unique circumstances.

At Akst & Akst, we work very closely with each client, making sure that the client is apprized of any developments in the case or updates in the law, until the case reaches final adjudication.

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